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allercombe farm


At Allercombe Farm we have a herd of Dexter cows; they are our pride and joy, and we care for them like our own family. When you stay with us at Allercombe Farm you can meet the herd yourself and see the calf’s frolicking in the pastures and living their best life. We have a high regard for animal welfare and quality of produce. Our Dexter beef is known for its rich and unique flavour. Try it yourself with a Allercombe Farm meat box with your stay or at the local village pub.

Find your adventure at Allercombe Farm.

Collection and Delivery

You are welcome to visit our farm to collect meat products, but it is recommended that you phone us first.  For up to 5 miles beyond Rattery delivery is free with a minimum spend of £30.  (Please contact us if you require delivery further away).

Thank you for supporting Allercombe Farm, Rattery.


Allercombe Farm, Rattery, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9LD